Awakening the Olympian within

Awakening the Olympian within
From the couch to the podium
On a February afternoon in 1964, I was in geography class with an atlas open to the map of Austria. The Olympics were in Innsbruck, and I was calculating the opportune time to excuse myself to go to the janitors office. >>

 He had a black and white portable television permanently set on channel 11 for Wide World of Sports. I arrived just in time for the men’s downhill ski event. Egon Zimmermann, the young Austrian skier, took off from the gate. He resembled a low-flying rocket as he won gold.
I felt my inner athlete emerge through the excitement of that historic run. I felt the need to get stronger, get faster, and get myself to a gym. As I cried tears of pride,
I witnessed something special.
I felt the same feelings of pride through each subsequent Olympiad, culminating with the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. The floor in front of my television became stained with all the tears of pride and joy I squirted.

Awakening the Olympian within

Sablefish in white wine sauce

It’s fun to cook with wine. especially when you’ve purchased a bottle and, after taking a sniff, don’t really think it’s good enough to sip as a stand-alone. The key to making any dish pleasing to the senses involves adding a little sweet, a little savoury, a hint of fat, and a touch of tartness. And then we take it a step further by adding wine to tie all the flavours together with a spectacular result.

sablefish in white wine sauce All fitness

A classic coq au vin from the region where it originated in France traditionally means adding a glass of red to the braising sauce. The flavour of the recipe is profoundly piqued but sometimes the purple colour of the dish is a bit off-putting. In our version