Pony Up & Lasting Impact

Pony Up
The most practical hairstyle known to woman isn’t just for the gym— the ponytail can be dolled up for dressy occasions. “Whether sleek and glossy or curled and voluminous, the ponytail can be reinvented in endless ways,” says hairstylist Guido, creative consultant for Redken. One of our favorite variations? The flirty, bouncy version seen here.
Pony Up Lasting Impact

To do: Blow-dry hair smooth using a round
brush. Pull three-inch sections of hair away from your head, roll them down toward your roots to form pin curls, then secure with bobby pins (do this all over to create big waves). Wait five minutes, release pins, then gather your hair into a pony at the back of your head and secure with an elastic. Grab a piece of hair from underneath, wrap it around the base, and pin. Use a 1½-inch

Lasting Impact
Layering isn’t just for clothes: Dermatologists at Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, found that when sunscreen is applied several times a day, it accumulates on the skin and offers stay-put protection days later.
Doctors put SPF on volunteers either once or three times daily for five days, then photostatted
their skin. Results showed that those who received repeat applications had more
sunscreen particles on the skin on day five (even after bathing) versus those who got a single
daily dose. Layer on SPF before anticipated sun exposure (end-of summer beach

vacay, anyone?) to provide extra protection from sunburn and skin damage.


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