Heavy Metal & Sleep time & Powder Your Nose

Heavy Metal
Tend to chomp mindlessly on your necklace when you’re anxious? If it’s a bargain trinket, you’re better off reaching for a stress ball
Heavy Metal
. Researchers from the Ecology Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, detected high levels of chromium, nickel, and lead in more than 50 percent of the low-cost bling they tested. Study author Jeffrey Gearhart says that while these chemicals may cause skin irritation in some, they only pose a real threat if ingested. So remember to keep cheap baubles away from kids too

Powder Your Nose 
Seasonal allergies aren’t just for spring— ragweed plants, a common achoo trigger, spew pollen from late summer through mid-fall.
A new prescription nasal spray can help QNASL, the first “dry” allergy inhaler.
Unlike other sprays, it’s a powder, not a liquid, so it won’t cause that unpleasant dripping
down the nose and back of the throat. Two squirts in each nostril per day is all it takes.

Percentage of women who didn’t know the correct age for scheduling their first  mammogram or how often they should have a pap smear
Source: Women’s Health Connecticut

Sleep timeSleep time 
When clocking your Z’s, aim for between six and eight hours a night. A study found that those who snoozed for fewer than six were more likely to suffer a stroke or heart attack, and those who got more than eight were also more likely to have heart woes. 

Too little sleep is associated with higher levels of stress hormones, while too much time between the sheets may indicate an underlying condition like depression, says Rohit Arora, M.D., of the Chicago Medical School.

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