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Alright fellas no matter how old you are...none of us are getting younger.
We live in a society here in the United States where there is a dozen fast food restaurants usually about 20 minutes away.
World Health

This has lead to the United States being listed at number eight on the World Health Organization’s list of the most obese countries.
It’s a worldwide epidemic.

 7.1 Million people will die from heart disease.
 By 2030 it’s estimated that 11 million people will die from cancer.
 By 2030 336 million people will be diabetic.

All because 2/3 of Americans over 20 are obese!
What can we do to solve this?
The obvious answer is diet and exercise...there’s nothing wrong with that.
But what type of diet? What type of exercise?
We also live in a society where there are a new diet and a new exercise program that guarantees all kinds of incredible results almost weekly.
Sure, you can eat nothing but meat or soup and do an Insanity workout every day until you trim down to your goal weight but unless you plan to maintain these extreme changes to your lifestyle for the rest of your life you could find yourself putting the weight back on or sick five years down the road.
Instead of trying to make changes to your life that will be impossible to maintain, we should try to do something that is easy to incorporate into the life-style that we are already living?
That’s why I recommend juicing!

The Hamilton Beach Juice Big Mouth Pro along with the NutriBullet are my juicers of choice.
I’m the type of guy that likes to eat the fruit - though I hardly do - and hates to eat vegetables.
With the juicer, I can get them both in bulk with ease. I just load the product in the juicer and within minutes I’m getting carrots, kale, spinach, a couple of apples, bananas, pears, avocado or any combination I can think up all in one drink that I can down in minutes.
“If you’re not big into fruits and vegetables, it’s a good way to get them in. It can help you meet daily recommendations in one drink” and be part of a healthy diet, says Barr, MPH, RD, LDN, who works at Wilmington's Center for Community Health at Christiana Care Health System.
You can’t depend on juicing alone for you answer to getting your fruits and vegetables in.
With the juicer, you are removing the skin which has a ton of nutrients and the pulp which has the fiber that your body needs.
Which is where the NutriBullet comes in, it extracts everything!
So give it a try! It can be combined with your nor-mal diet but now it will have a boost of vitamins and minerals.

Now, if I can just stop drinking beer!

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