The Youth Hormone

The Youth Hormone...
Everyone’s talking about it. But can it really reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, boost mood, heighten sex drive, give you plenty of energy, get rid of wrinkles and tighten saggy skin?
The Youth Hormone

Barbara just had another birthday.
She watches her diet, exercises when she can, and is in pretty good shape. In fact, she could be the poster child for the “Fountain of Youth” headline we see on the covers of fashion mags around the globe.
What’s her secret? It’s not just the occasional Botox, peel or fit leer, or even her assortment of skin creams that could rival the anti-aging section of your local Sephora. Barbara, who was always “cutting edge,” has become a believer in what is fast becoming the most popular (if not the most expensive) anti-aging treatment in the USA… Growth Hormone Therapy.
t seems everyone is talking about human growth hormone lately. No less than the famed Dr. Oz began a recent show by asking his audience, “How many of you want to start feeling 20 years younger right now?” Allure magazine, in  its “Anti-aging Special” issue, highlighted growth hormone as its 2013 call-out. Shape magazine began a recent growth hormone article with the provocative lead in: “When you see a 50-year-old actress who can pass for 35, you can bet that good genes aren’t the only things responsible for her youthful glow.” Fox News, The Today Show, CNN, ABC, and CBS have all contributed to the current frenzy.

VANITY FAIR says:A 20-year-old produces more than twice as much hGH as [she] will when [she’s] 40... hGH, by turning back the body clock, turns back the aging process.”

Dr. Oz says: “A recent study [on SeroVital-hgh] showed patients given a special blend of amino acids saw their hGH levels spike more than 6 times...”

Why all the fuss?
Simple. hGH disciples… and to many like Barbara, hGH therapy is truly a religious experience...
believe hGH can help reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, boost mood, heighten sex drive, give them plenty of energy, get rid of wrinkles and tighten saggy skin… making them
look and feel decades – not years, but decades – younger.
Celebrities, CEOs, Wall Street execs, models, housewives, athletes and even some high ranking politicians all seem to be drinking from the same pitcher of Kool-Aid. There’s
no doubt about it; in our current fast-paced, “youthoriented” culture, hGH therapy is hot.

The controversy
The controversy isn’t over whether or not hGH plays an essential role in our health and aging (virtually everyone already agrees on that).
Instead, the controversy lies in the best way to maintain our body’s supply of human growth hormone.
Until recently, most felt the best way was through expensive prescription injections (although costs can run as high as $1500 per month). However, some experts argue against the use of
these synthetic injections, because they fear introducing synthetic hGH into the body may upset natural hGH production.

The breakthrough
Because of these concerns, researchers have spent the last thirty years searching for a reliable, clinically proven way to promote pituitary health, thereby increasing human growth hormone levels naturally.
So it’s no surprise that when an oral compound capable of increasing mean, endogenous, bioactive, serum (blood) growth hormone levels... by 682%... was presented at the prestigious Obesity Society’s most recent Scientifi c Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, and then again at The Academy of Women’s Health’s 21st Annual Congress in Washington, D.C., it created a
serious stir.

The revolution
The formula that was the subject of these research fi ndings is now being sold by SanMedica Internationalunder the trade name SeroVital.

SHAPE Says “When you see a 50-year-old actress who can pass for 35, you can bet that good genes aren’t the only things responsible for her youthful glow.”

And when Dr. Oz discussed the product’s research on his show by introducing something he called “a new frontier: stimu lating your body’s production of growth hormones naturally...” and added, “I have been searching for this from the day we started the show. I’ve been
looking for ways of increasing hGH naturally because I don’t like getting the injections,” you can imagine the frenzy he created. Before long, SanMedica was having trouble keeping SeroVital in stock. It went from underground sensation to full-blown phenomenon.
Thanks to the release of SeroVital, the hGH revolution is exploding.
Now that there’s an easy-to swallow capsule that can raise growth hormone naturally, an awful lot of people have stopped asking if they should be increasing their hGH levels and started asking which hGH-boosting option is right for them.

Is it worth it?
To me, anything that may reduce wrinkles, tighten saggy skin, decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, strengthen bones, and boost mood, while giving you plenty of energy and improving sex drive, is a no-brainer. However, make no mistake about it, the “established”
medical community (and of course, they know everything) would say its benefi ts are largely anecdotal, and based on research that’s preliminary. But there’s no denying that something that has a chance of making you look and feel decades, not years, but DECADES, younger,
is... at the very least... irresistible. Frankly, I’m ready to try it. How about you?

The Youth Hormone

ULTA BEAUTY says “Even with more than 550 stores, we’re still having a tough time keeping SeroVital in stock!”

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