The skin gym concept

The skin gym concept
For this issue, I thought it would be nice to introduce an age management concept that is as applicable to men as it is to women. While I see an ever-increasing number of men in my practice having various cosmetic procedures, the area where the growth of male visits has skyrocketed is in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. For all you men and women visiting the gym to stay buff, here is the answer for keeping your jaw line as chiseled as your abs.
 the skin gym concept

Of all the positive feedback I receive from my regular health and beauty contributions to 25A
magazine, more than half come from fellow gym members who regularly find me on a front row bike in spin class. I am there because I firmly believe that in order to stay feeling youthful and fit, a lifetime commitment to regular exercise is essential. Almost everyone else in the modern world knows this as well. The paradigm of nutrition and exercise being the mainstay of fitness has become quite well established. But here is the irony: the exact same paradigm applies to keeping our facial appearances youthful and ‘fit.’ I’d like to share with you, my readers, a concept we have been practicing in
my skin clinics for almost a decade called ‘The Skin Gym.’ It is a regular program of exercise and nutrition for the skin that keeps the participants looking remarkably younger and more natural looking for decades.
In my professional quest for preserving natural beauty, I have come to understand certain principles. Perhaps the most important of these, and one which I always stress, is that skin is a fabric. In youth, skin has the tight, elastic, supportive characteristics of Lycra. Those attractive firm and defined contours of a youthful face are due in large part to the shaping qualities inherent in this elasticity. With progressive aging, however, as the structural integrity of our skin’s ‘fabric’ diminishes, so too does its elastic and supportive qualities, leading to properties more like linen. The mantra of the fashion world pertains here - don’t wear
linen if you don’t like wrinkles. In essence, from the point of view of our skin, the aging process is essentially the progressive change from Lycra to linen! Eventually, we all begin to wear wrinkles. Slowing down and preventing this change is paramount in 21st century anti-aging technology. Enter my concept of the Skin Gym.
Every bodybuilder knows that building muscle tissue requires eating correctly and exercising very regularly. When we exercise aggressively, we are actually injuring our tissues microscopically, and that leads to mild inflammatory response (post-exercise soreness).
That inflammatory response is necessary in activating the body’s healing mechanisms leading to newer, healthier and restored muscle and connective tissue. Proper nutrition accelerates the program by providing the building blocks for repair. Through a long-term regimen of nutrition and exercise, bodies can be made to be stronger, healthier and more fit, maintaining a younger appearance.
The exact same thing holds true for the skin, particularly facial skin. When we regularly exercise the skin using lasers and light-based devices, we are actually producing low level controlled stimulation to the skin structure. The skin responds with a mild, often unnoticeable,
inflammatory reaction that sets the stage for a healing event. Healing is just the triggered natural repair process. When we cycle these events through the regular use of laser and other light energy devices, we can often repair the insidious damage of aging faster than it occurs. I call that ‘aging in reverse’ and it is a reality practiced every day in state-of the art laser clinics. As for the nutritional component of this equation,
we know that more concentrated benefits can be delivered to the skin by topical application of medical grade skincare products than any other way.
Once understood, the Skin Gym concept is rather simple and familiar.
Delivering it well, however, requires a varied advanced degree of professional skill and equipment. The most up-to-date array of medical lasers and energy devices, operated by highly skilled and experienced technicians, requires very sophisticated organization. A comprehensive ‘gym’ must provide many different lasers and other energy devices,
such as ultrasonic or radiofrequency technology, to effectively ‘crosstrain’ skin. However, I know from practice for more than a decade, these Skin Gym concepts do work quite effectively to slow down and even reverse aging. As we like to say in our Skin Gym: Make Your Skin Fit!

All Fitness ___ The skin gym concept ___By Scott B. Wells, M.D.


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