Spice Sanctuary: The Spice Paradise

Spice Sanctuary: The Spice ParadiseSpice Sanctuary: The Spice Paradise
Whether it’s cardamom, saffron, or that spice that you used once for that recipe you cooked way back when, most of us can admit to having one or two spices sitting in our cupboards that
aren’t getting much love. Guilty? I know I am.
But, not to worry, Trusha Patel, owner of Spice Sanctuary, is not only providing Canadians with quality, organic spices, but she’s also teaching us how to use them in easy, everyday ways.
After moving to Canada from the United Kingdom in 2009, Patel just wasn’t getting enough depth and flavour with the spices that she was cooking with. Because her biggest hobby was cooking and creating her own dishes, Patel started searching for wholesome spices and continually found that the quality and purity of the spices that she was working with were lacking. When she realized that sourcing and selling the best quality spices was something that she wanted to pursue herself, the entrepreneur started researching harvesting methods, grades, and spices that she wanted to bring in.
“One thing that really struck me was that nobody was providing any transparency on the spices that they were offering. I knew from the beginning that my primary focus would be to ensure that the spices I sold would be pure and organic, and I wanted to make sure that farmers had fair trade practices in place.” Failing to find one supplier that could provide her with the spices that she wanted in the grade that she needed, Patel refused to compromise quality and freshness for convenience and chose separate suppliers to ensure the delivery of top quality products.
Though the initial start-up stages proved to be challenging, since Patel knew little about rules, regulations and certifications in Canada, she persevered to find the best
quality spices and did everything that she could to support her new home. “I knew that I not only wanted fresh, organic spices and that I wanted to provide transparency, but I also
knew that I wanted to support local. Everything is packaged here in Canada. I buy in bulk from Europe, India and Sri Lanka, and once they arrive, they are packaged in a certified organic facility in northern

Spice Rubs and Marinades

Spice Rubs and Marinades
What are rubs, brines and marinades and how are they used?
Answer: Spice rubs, marinades and brines are some of my favourite cooking practices using everyday. It’s the opportunity where any cook can be creative in manipulating the texture,
tenderness and most importantly, flavour of meat. They can also help transform tougher cuts of meat into a melt-in-your-mouth meal, plus they are easy to make.
Spice Rubs and Marinades

So, let’s start with brines and marinades. Basic brine is a saltwater solution, usually 3% salt to water weight (the brine should taste like sea water).

Powerbag Workout

Powerbag Workout
The Powerbag was developed back in 2003 and is one the most versatile pieces of equipment on the market today.
A sand filled tube design which is soft to the touch, Powerbags are available in a number of different weights ranging from 5-35kg.
Put your body to the test with a Powerbag workout that targets every muscle in the body and takes you into the world of functional training.
One of the great things about Powerbags is that you can really be aggressive when training with them, as they are specifically designed to be strong enough to drop, throw and punch.
I wanted to put a little workout together using some of my personal favourite Powerbag
exercises. I’ve kept it simple by using timed rounds - so you’ll need a stopwatch!

Floor to Shoulder
Floor to Shoulder

The aim of this

Interview with an expert: Lee Saxby

For many years now, the fitness industry has embraced the importance of research, which in turn has driven technological advancements in exercise equipment design.
While the need for equipment driven training methods will always be popular, it is nevertheless refreshing to see that bodyweight training is fast becoming an integral part of many exercise programmes.
Interview with an expert: Lee Saxby

However, among the multitude of bodyweight approaches that are widespread in the industry,
running technique is often missing or understated. Is this an oversight on our part, or do
Do we assume that running is not a useful skill to master?
From a developmental perspective, learning to run has a number of pre-requisites:
we learn to crawl, squat, stand, walk and jump, before we learn to run. However, as functioning adults it’s easy to assume that we have mastered these


NutriBullet 1 Small Handful of Strawberries
1 Small Handful of Blackberries
1 Small Handful of Blueberries
1 Small Handful of Raspberries
1 Handful of Kale
1 Handful of Spinach
5 Ounces of water
Again, I like this recipe for the color.

It has a nice dark red color, which is nice.
With the NutriBullet, it’s the same as eating every-thing whole...there is nothing lost in the conversion from a solid to a juice so you are getting the skin and the pulp of each fruit and vegetable.
The water is thrown in to thin everything out so that you aren’t drinking a think vegie and fruit shake.
Here’s the breakdown of the Daily Value %

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth ProHamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro
1/4 Head of Cabbage
2 Medium Granny Smith Apples
1 Handful of Kale
1 Handful of Baby Spinach
1/2 Lime
2 Celery Stalks
1 Handful of Parsley

I like this recipe for the color, it’s a nice green.
I’ve made some juices that end up with a brown or some unknown color and thought they are healthy it’s just not a good look.
I’m not going to lie, the after taste is awful because of the cabbage but it’s the cabbage that gives this juice it’s blast of energy due to the B6.
The original recipe calls for just the cabbage, spinach and kale.
I usually switch out the celery with cucumber and the apple and lime are just for a taste.
Most importantly here’s the vitamin and mineral breakdown…

World Health

Alright fellas no matter how old you are...none of us are getting younger.
We live in a society here in the United States where there is a dozen fast food restaurants usually about 20 minutes away.
World Health

This has lead to the United States being listed at number eight on the World Health Organization’s list of the most obese countries.
It’s a worldwide epidemic.

 7.1 Million people will die from heart disease.
 By 2030 it’s estimated that 11 million people will die from cancer.
 By 2030 336 million people will be diabetic.

All because 2/3 of Americans over 20 are obese!
What can we do to solve this?
The obvious answer is diet and exercise...there’s nothing wrong with that.
But what type of diet? What type of exercise?
We also live in a society where there are a new diet and a new exercise program that guarantees all kinds of incredible results almost weekly.

Pure and simple

Pure and simple
Successful weight loss through good nutrition
Course Lead for Advanced Nutrition Courses
For the past thirty years there has been a gradual increase in the levels of obesity in
the UK and other developed countries.
Pure and simple

To paint a clearer picture, in 1980 the obesity rate in the UK was approximately 6%; in 2010 it was 26%. As of 2010, according to the Health Survey for England (HSE), the percentage of the population who have a body mass index BMI in excess of 25 is approximately 62%.
There are many reasons why people want to lose weight, including health factors and aesthetic objectives. However, to maximise effectiveness, it’s also important to consider the method by which effective weight loss is achieved, and for the majority of people, the preferred method is calorie restriction.

Trendy Eating

Trendy Eating
Coconut waterWhile looking trendy on the outside with fall fashion, why not feel trendy on the inside as well? Although food crazes come and go, some current popular foods on the market have real health benefits that make them worth your time and money. Here are six trendy foods that are not only good for you, but they taste great, too!

1   1)    Kale chips

Kale is a leafy green vegetable that becomes a crispy snack when baked.
Kale chips are low in calories, fat and sodium but high in vitamins and minerals, making them the

Naturally Happy

Naturally Happy
Welcome to short and dark days, endless to-do lists and spirit numbing traffic. If the hubbub of the holidays leaves you more stressed than merry, you’re not alone. A survey by the National Women’s Health Resource Center revealed that almost two-thirds of the respondents experience holiday depression. Still, these feelings are hardly seasonal; stress and fatigue can strike on any given day. If your depression is ongoing and significantly interferes with your work or relationships, you may need clinical treatment, so talk to your doctor about options. But if the occasional bad day (or week) is taking too much of an emotional toll, these natural
mood boosters may be the best gift you can give yourself—and your loved ones—this season.

Naturally Happy

Get involved
One good way to lift a blue mood is to get involved in your community, and the holidays offer plenty of opportunity. In a study of more than 2,500 people published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, researchers found that volunteer work enhanced six aspects of personal wellbeing:
happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem, sense of control, physical health and depression relief.

How can I treat indigestion?

How can I treat indigestion?
Three experts share holistic fixes and prevention tips.
An Ayurvedic practitioner says:
In Ayurveda, there are three varieties of indigestion: irregular digestion (when even a small amount of food turns into the gas), hyper digestion (when too much hydrochloric acid in the stomach causes heartburn) and hypo digestion (when too much mucus in the stomach creates a “heavy” feeling after eating).
How can I treat indigestion?

Treatment: Explain your eating and sleeping patterns to a practitioner to identify your type. For irregular digestion, stick to a regular eating and sleeping routine. Adding bitter foods
to your diet will ease hyper digestion, and for hypo digestion, eating hot foods will help dissipate mucus.
Self-help: Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner around the same time every day—and going to bed at the same time each night—optimizes digestion and can ease symptoms.