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So many people are down on gluten. Is it that bad for you?
Ask Keri Glassman

Dani, Cincinnati, OH

In the wheat of yore, the answer would have been no (unless you had an allergy or intolerance).

But today’s wheat is hybridized (bred for commercial purposes), which increases the amount of gluten—a protein found in grains— and other amino acids in it.

Some research indicates that the current gluten levels could stimulate appetite and increase the risk for diabetes, obesity, and inflammatory diseases, and some people find that cutting gluten from their diet may help make losing weight easier. The jury is still out,  but you could try going gluten-free for a trial period to see if it helps.

What’s a goodfor- me sweet treat that will help me keep my hands out of the Halloween candy dish?
Shannon, Canton, GA

Give this for-grown-upsonly potion a try: Mix one ounce of chocolate vodka and one tablespoon of chocolate syrup, add a maraschino cherry, and drink up for 135 calories.
Fun-size, huh? Also delish at 108 calories: Melt half an ounce of dark chocolate in the microwave, dip a dried fig into it, then sprinkle the fig with a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon.

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